The Pledge

March.09.2012 | 11:30 AM

The first animated short from our new web series, Bravest Warriors has most of its characters designed, basic backgrounds laid out and storyboards have begun. The episode is called, "Butter Lettuce" and should end up under five minutes long.

When it goes into full production it'll actually be animated in Korea by real animators who are not crashing on my couch or being paid in burritos and Sprite. I'm not used to this level of decadence.

Jason Johnson (Dr. Tran) and I are writing several shorts at once to hopefully be prepared when the pace picks up. Check the Frederator Blog for more production art.

Bravest Warriors Pledge


Feb.07.2012 | 12:03 AM

This deal here is what I've been busy working on lately. It's a new web series I'm producing, created by Pen Ward. Design for the first short starts next week, followed by storyboards. Frederator has a production blog here.

More soon. Click pic to enlarge.

Bravest Warriors

2011 Comic-Con SCHEDULE

July.18.11 | 12:33 AM

Comic-Con 2011

We're totes back in sexy San Diego for a SWEET DVD Signing, but we have no new cartoons, and yet still no new DVD. This is Jason and me, working very slowly on things we haven't finished and you don't get to see:

Jason & Breehn

But there it is, proof that we still exist. We're doing a signing on Saturday but I'm also gonna try to make it to the Adventure Time panel that day, which could disrupt the signing a little. You should go, too. SAT @ 3pm, Room 6A.


- SCREENING: Dr. Tran SUMMER SPLASH - See an oldie but an oldie at the Spike & Mike Comic-Con show.
Room 6BCF


- SIGNING: Jason Johnson (Dr. Tran), and I are signing Dr. Tran DVDs at the Spike & Mike booth on and off throughout Saturday.
Booth # 1536

- SIGNING: Jason and I might be signing Dr. Tran TOYS at the Symbiote Studios booth at some point that day.
Booth # 4533


May.27.2011 | 2:17 PM

Join The Fight Today!
Americans For MORE Goodmonson Facebook Group

Goodmonson 1

Begging for $$$

Dec.20.10 | 10:00 PM

The last short we made was Tran Mail #7 in January 2010, and the reason we haven't made anything since is that our funding dried up.

Latest idea floating around is a fund raiser for the next Dr. Tran cartoon. Mondo Media, the Happy Tree Friends guys, are helping put something together for us in 2011 that will involve rewards for anyone who donates, including new Tran Toys and even Producer Credit and a Cameo in the film.

Jason and I are writing and trying to decide which film to make next out of around 10 unfinished Tran shorts, most only half-written, with a few designs and backgrounds done.

Q is for Dr. Tran, WonderMouth, a handful of new Chicken films, a zombie apocalypse short, new Cinnamon Bun stuff & a film about portals. Hard to choose which film to pick back up, but we're leaning toward "Q." Tran's friends drag him to the movies to see the premiere of one of his own films.

Q is For Dr. Tran

This is a still from "Q," back when Q and Fruit Hat were combined as a larger film (a short-lived idea from way back when we were working on a Tran pilot for cable channel G4TV).

Secret things

Nov.14.10 | 3:30 PM

Stuff by Jhonen V

These latest entries to the Illustration Gallery are 2 of about 25 other secret things I can't show you.

Jhonen V. tweeted these a few months ago, so I figure it's safe to post them. They're characters he designed and I painted for a project that still may, someday... happen.

Direct Links:


July.20.10 | 2:00 PM

Comic-Con 2010

We're in San Diego for the con, wowing effeminate types with our name-signing flourishes and showing Dr. Tran films that are already on Youtube. Come visit!


- SCREENING: Dr. Tran Fan Mail - Some of our latest animated films are on the big screen @ 10pm at the Spike & Mike Comic-Con show.
Room 6BCF


- SIGNING: Jason Johnson (Dr. Tran), and I are signing Dr. Tran DVDs at the Spike & Mike booth on and off throughout Saturday. But not at 3pm (see below)
Booth # 1536

- SIGNING: Jason and I will be signing Dr. Tran TOYS at the Symbiote Studios booth @ 3pm.
Booth # 4533

New Posters

May.03.10 | 12:30 AM

New Posters

New Dr. Tran Time Machine Posters, Magnets and Postcards! (As seen in Dr. Tran Fan Mail #5 "Time Machine.")

The Gum Addicted Chicken

March.04.10 | 5:30 PM

Video Blog

Familiar Faces 19 Video Blog, featuring The Chicken from Quiet Log Time and Fruit Hat.

Dr. Tran MAIL #7- Nail to the Gut

Jan.07.10 | 4:00 PM

WATCH Dr. Tran MAIL #7

New Dr. Tran MAIL on Youtube. Send mail to!

Holy shit, 2010

January.01.2010 | 2:06 PM

Dr. Tran Wallpaper

Dr. Tran in the future year 2085, as seen in Dr. Tran MAIL Ep.05 - "Time Machine."

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