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What the hell is this?

San Diego Comic-Con 2005
Roybertito's Premiere

July.22.05 | 1:09 AM

For more photos from the con, Click Here.

So from what I could tell, the audience at the San Diego Comic-Con seemed to like our new film. I was more worried about this one than usual, since it could've gone bad so easily, but thunderous applause and a standing ovation from various chunks of the crowd put my concerns to rest. The reaction was AWESOME. I'm still wandering the halls in a state of disbelief, gravy spilling down my chin.

Thursday and Friday are completely filled with walking up and down isles, trying in vain to see everything at the enormous con. I'm staying with Jason who has three other house guests - two of them are teenagers - and I don't get much sleep either night (because of all the molesting). The first night I have some of the most awful dreams I've ever had in my life, and they come back to me several times during the day.

Friday night I spend at another friend's house and my window faces the rear door of a Papa John's Pizza. The lads that work there decide to play a little hand ball out back at three in the morning, and from what I can tell, Jacob kicks some ass in an unbelievable move that sends the group into loud, loud congratulatory yelpings. I put on my jeans and head out to the parking lot. Taking careful aim, I spray the youths with short bursts of semi-automatic gunfire, survey the remains, and sleep soundly from then on.

Saturday was a big day of panel going, starting with a kick-ass Superman Returns panel with director Bryan Singer, and ending with a hilariously entertaining Q and A with Kevin Smith. After a little shuffling about on the Con floor, Christy and I split for dinner and catch a showing of the dreary Dark Water, which puts me in a bleak and fussy mood. Then we find ourselves deep in downtown San Diego without a ride back to the Convention Center, and only a half-hour to go before the Spike show starts. The geniuses that run San Diego have scheduled two cons and several baseball games for the same weekend, so traffic is heavy and we decide to take a ride with a bike chariot who proceeds to speed us off into the wrong direction. After convincing him to turn around, he then takes what is clearly the wrong street and gets stopped by the Petco Park (baseball stadium) security and is fined $400 for riding too close to the stadium. We give him a large tip and walk the rest of the way, just making it in time.

Jason and I end up speaking for a few minutes on stage, as do several other animators with films in the show including Oscar winner Bill Plympton. After the show we chat with Spike (Mike is no longer with us) who happily gushes about the response to Roybertito's, and requests it for his festival tour. We're working out details now.

I wake up exhausted on Sunday morning and head straight to the con for the signing with Jason. Spike's booth is already crowded when I arrive, and Christy hurriedly folds up name placards for us. We have the opportunity throughout the day to have some great conversations with fans. I do sketches and we pass out Dr Tran buttons (which go fast), and Jason gets on the microphone to wow the crowd with his dead-on Dr. Tran impression. A group of guys who appear to know the lines from Here Comes Dr. Tran by heart prompt Jason when he forgets a line, and then respond to him with the narrator's lines.

People that I haven't seen in eight years walk up to the booth and say hi. Some guy made a bootleg Roybertito's T-shirt and was afraid we would sue him. Which we will. Lunchtime comes and goes and somehow I'm surviving deliriously on a peach, a banana and a spoonful of peanut butter. After a few hours, the crowd dies down, and we do a short audio interview for Toon Magazine. Then we drag ourselves to dinner and crash.

People at the booth were already asking for Roybertito's - the film we just finished last week - on DVD, but it got me thinking. With Dr. Tran, everybody had to wait a year before getting the DVD, so I'm considering putting this one out sooner than later. I'm already gleefully designing the DVD box art. I have a lot of other things to pay attention to right now, so we'll have to see how it works out.

I had the time of my life at that Con. Thank you so much to everyone who helped, hung out, walked up and stopped by. It can be a solitary thing, making a film like this. It was like writing in a private journal for two and a half months and then handing it over to thousands of people all at once.

• There's a lot more in the way of photos from the con - just

Damn that was cool

July.20.05 | 2:46 AM

What a great Con. I just got back to Los Angeles, and I'm still stupefied by the overwhelming positive response the crowd had to our films. Roybertito's and Dr. Tran both screened with Spike's show.

So tired. More soon.

The short is done!

July.9.05 | 10:59 PM

Today I animated the final scene and dropped it into the film. Transferred the whole thing to DV and watched it on a TV with the sound up loud, and then made a few audio adjustments to the project to make sure the sound didn't blow out on any of the busier shots. Then I had fake fish with brown rice and vegetables, drank a key lime beverage and watched one of the better Twilight Zone episodes of the third season (original series).

I'll probably head to San Diego on Monday night and drop the film off with Spike Tuesday. Carlo, the Roybertito's Chef, is coming to the Comic-Con screening after all, and he might join us briefly at Spike's booth on Sunday.


ONE more day left

July.8.05 | 8:46 PM

I missed one or two things, but it should only take an hour or so tomorrow. Can't stop yawning.

ONE day left

July.7.05 | 8:50 PM

Producer Arturo Toledo stopped by to see the latest cut, and reminded me that I haven't hidden Destro in the film yet... shh. He tells me that Carlo - the guy that plays the Chef - is thinking he may not make it down to San Diego for the premiere. We really want him to go. The San Diego Comic-Con screenings are always the best and the wildest. It's an awesome experience. Anyone who hasn't been - GO.

Our Roybertito's T-shirts came in the mail this morning. There was joy involved.

Jason Johnson saw a cut of the film for the first time today, and seemed happy but minorly baffled by the short, as I'm sure everyone else will be.

I finally got my computer back from Apple and it seems to be working well. Between us we've got three computers running all at once in this room, and we're constantly tripping over each other to transfer files from one to the other. Tomorrow, I will finish the film. That is my pledge. Sound Designer Matt Olivo has sent the remaining sound effects over, and the end is now in sight.


July.5.05 | 7:03 PM

After Effects

Almost there

July.4.05 | 5:12 PM

One major sequence left to edit, and a couple small shots to finish up. Other than that, it's all adding obnoxious sound effects and final touches. Christy has started helping more regularly, so now we have two people working at once, at least half the time.

Spike just announced that his Comic-Con show will be on Saturday night, July 16 at 10 PM. Roybertito's :60 Second Spot will premiere there, and from what I read in the Con programming schedule, Here Comes Dr. Tran will play for a third year in a row. On Sunday the 17th, Jason will join me (if he can get out of work) at Spike's booth to say hi to everybody who stops by, and pass out those crowd pleasing dickings (one per customer).

¡Aleister Arcane!

July.2.05 | 10:15 PM

I'm insanely excited to see the cover of the Spanish language edition of the Graphic novel I illustrated last year, IDW Publishing's Aleister Arcane, written by Steve Niles. It reminds me of old Spanish horror movie posters like ZOMBIES DEL TERROR (a personal favorite). Please enjoy a quote from the Google-translated review:

"We are before a history that wakes up tenderness in each one of its pages, and to this it contributes (in addition to magnificent history, I will not get tired to repeat it) the great work that makes Breehn Burns with the drawing. Burns delights to us with a realistic-distorted style, that adapts perfectly to each scene, at the most touching moments the face expressions of Aleister are spectacular, viñetas of terror and claustrofobia (with one of the children shouting taken hold to its pillow) very obtained... But, if the drawing convinces to us that the monsters are removed from any film of series B that boasts, the color already makes us even smell of cardboard-stone. Spectacular."


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