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March.12.2007 | 9:18 PM

Please go see The Host. It's a Korean monster movie that was released here in the U.S. last weekend. I loved it so very much.

Title Deleted by Accident

Feb.20.2007 | 5:30 PM

Fan-made Magic: The Gathering Cards

Fan-made Dr. Tran Toy with interchangeable heads
- (Her site link)

Dr. Tran Fan Film pt. 2

Recent circumstances have led me to start researching home audio recording for our shorts. Since Dr. Tran, we've managed to record our dialogue and sound effects pretty professionally, whether it be with friends like Matt Olivo or at the G4 Station. But it's always a big scheduling ordeal, and it can be stressful getting crammed between recording sessions for X-Play and Attack of the Show.

So I want to do it at home. Any time, just hit record. God that would be cool. Investing in sound equipment is going to be expensive enough, but I live near a busy street that's never quiet. Unless every new cartoon we write has a freeway running through the background, I'm going to have to construct some sort of near-sound-proof scream cage for us to record in.

I already have a huge damn bluescreen in my living room, so why not? But we are sissy men. I have no carpentry skills, and neither do any of the rest of us. It should be interesting.

Fan Stuff and a Movie Still

Jan.31.2007 | 2:45 AM

Satan's Quesadilla on

Violently affectionate Dr. Tran Fan Film

• Below, the first official shot from Michael Dougherty's Trick 'r Treat, produced by Bryan Singer. I served as Concept Artist for the Warner Bros. horror flick, which hits theatres in October 2007.

Trick 'r Treat

Back in Production

Jan.18.2007 | 6:12 AM

Here are some background images from the first new Dr. Tran short to go into production in 2007. We don't a have a name for this film yet. I just call it Fruit Hat.

Dr. Tran Background

Tran gets stuck in a subway station with a sleeping old woman who starts farting. From her butt! I know! How do we come up with these gems?

Dr. Tran Background

I'm almost finished with these two, and there are one or two more to do before character stuff. I was in Canada over the last couple of months for the production of a movie called Trick 'r Treat - more on the movie later. Dr. Tran slammed to a halt for a while, but it was great to get out of my tiny land of animation shame. Now it's back to staying up all night and suffering alone while the rest of the world is smiling and tan.

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October Stuff

Oct.16.06 | 10:30 PM

The Dr. Tran/PSP Controversy

Roybertito's "Yeah" on

• For some reason, it's Dr. Tran Summer Splash: "Dragonball Z" style (Fan film on YouTube).

• A brand new year of Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation featuring TWO New Dr. Tran shorts, as well as Roybertito's, is starting this week in San Diego, and then Seattle, New York, Sacramento, Florida and on from there... Click Here for Details and Schedule.

• And more Fan Art from Eddie:

More Fan Art


Labor Day
Sep.04.06 | 3:40 AM

I'm still working at Warner Bros. Hallelujah. Steady pay for a while is just so refreshing.

Came outta work the other day and saw thick smoke rising. Turned out to be a brush fire very near where I live. I've seen those things turn to wild fires and consume mountain ranges, so I went home and put some shit in boxes in case they evacuated the area, and I ended up throwing my back out. It sounds cliché to say that, like I'm on an 80's sitcom, so I'll explain - I went to put down a small pile of books and was struck by a grizzly pain in my backal-region the likes of which I have NEVER blah, blah... and I spent a long time on the floor wishing I had a Life Alert necklace.

I had food in the oven, too, and after a while I could smell it starting to burn. More fire! I kept trying to roll over, to get a leg under me, to push up and stand, and my back just laughed at me and kept yelling, "GET ON THE FUCKIN FLOOR! I SAID NOW! DON'T TRY TO BE A HERO!"

So lots of Advil and icepacks later, I'm okay again and can't we all just breathe a pleasing sigh at that news. Firemen kicked that brush fire's ass in no time. I never missed work through it all, because, God dammit I'm spirited. What would Oprah do? Did you ever think about THAT? Ok more fan art:

More Fan Art

DVDs Now Shipping!

August.18.06 | 12:49 PM

The new Dr. Tran DVDs are NOW SHIPPING to the USA (Click Here). If you pre-ordered a DVD, you probably have received it by now, or will in the very near future. Sorry for the delay on international shipping - it is coming slowly but I'm working on it.

And more Fan Art from Eddie - for blow-ups Click HERE and HERE. Visit his blog HERE.

More Fan Art

BBQ Sauce

August.13.06 | 3:18 PM

Fan Image found HERE

Before I left San Diego to return home to LA, Jason and I had a few good days of writing new cartoons. We were pretty energized. Dr. Tran opens up a little stand on the corner called 100% ICE. Tran's Grandpa sings songs about Evan the Burro. A Bomb-Pop gets killed over by the bungalows...

And we realized that I misspelled EXECUTE in the opening sequence of the new DVD, but by that time it was too late. No matter how crazy life gets, never underestimate the importance of spell checking. FCUK!

I'm working on a dream job at the moment, and it's great timing, since I'm pretty burnt on cartoon production after the mad rush to finish the DVD. I'm doing concept art for a horror film, and I'm working on the Warner Bros. lot. Which means I get to paint creepy Halloween images at work, and walk around fake cities on my lunch break. It's pretty hecka-badical. Technically I only have 4 more days on the job, but I'm hoping it gets extended.

The Big COMIC-CON 2006

July.27.06 | 9:20 PM

Thanks to you folks out there, we sold almost 500 DVDs at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. (Pre-Order HERE) We completely paid off the DVD production costs and had a little left over for a can of Slice. No one took any pictures this year, so if you have pictures of us, please email them to me at

Jason and Breehn at the Con
Photo sent in by Jordan Nardick

The Booth

At the Con, booths are clustered by category, and sellers have little choice in where they end up sitting. I've always felt sorry for the poor-bastard-booths that get stuck next to Spike and Mike.

If you've never seen it, the Spike booth is like a drunken, whirling bar brawl of lewd acts and degenerate behavior, flying thongs, filthy language and right-to-your-face insults shouted over a loud guitar amp. Kids dressed up as Anime characters approach the booth out of curiosity, only to be labeled as booger-eating, homosexual losers whose moms need to come pick them up. I watched more than a few of them walk away, dejected.

This year, someone in the Comic-Con planning committee had a sense of humor, and put Spike right next to Scientology. I can just see that guy giggling madly as he lays out the floor plan. The L. Ron Hubbard people were very nice, as it turns out, and tolerated the booth noise admirably, occasionally striking up small talk with us and taking pictures. I'm not sure why they took pictures, actually. Should I be nervous?

The Screening

We showed five films - basically every new film on the DVD. I figured, why not just overkill it and get to see these films with an audience at least once?

The Con screening is unique - Spike calls it "The Gauntlet" - in that the crowd is encouraged to boo or cheer to choose the films that will show in Spike's touring festival. The show started late, thanks to the program before it, and people were already angry and tired.

After about 10 films played (many of which were booed off within a few seconds), we showed Dr. Tran's Quiet Log Time, which turned out to get the biggest reaction of all our shorts that night. Nothing we played got the insane reception that Roybertito's got last year, but we can't really expect that. As it was, the audience was yelling "Hot Dickings" and "Bean Cup" every few minutes anyway, and would applaud whenever our stuff started playing. We started to feel like we were getting special treatment - the audience was so quick to boo almost everything else shown that night, and then go nuts at the first sign of Tran. I'm not complaining or anything.

When Mr. Tran and The Toy Cack played, the audience adopted a new catch phrase from the cartoon. Before the film had ended, people were already shouting "Toy Store!" at the top of their lungs. Christy even heard it yelled in the halls of her hotel the next morning. Our friend Juni, who plays Leland the Cough Drop, was shocked to hear her line getting repeated right in the theater. This was her first time seeing the shorts with an audience, and I'm really happy she could make it down for the day. But she missed out on-

The Signing

Tran-Fan (Trannies?) numbers are increasing wildly, and that has resulted in some unusual experiences (at least for us). The first night of the Con, I was walking through the crowd and heard a woman say to her friend, "That's Breehn Burns, creator of Dr. Tran!" It was surreal. She said it like I couldn't hear her, which I've done when seeing other artists I recognize at the Comic-Con, and she even knew how to pronounce my name (Spike still calls me Breen). It was a striking moment to be on the other side of that.

The Friday Screening was followed by a DVD signing on Saturday, and Jason and I sat for seven hours, just meeting fans and signing DVDs. We had the usual bursts of attention followed by quiet periods of time alone to talk and cuddle. We met a boy whose friends accuse him of looking and sounding like Dr. Tran. We witnessed the horrors our careless musings have wrought as the kid argued with his friends while they insisted that he was EXACTLY like Tran, but he was just trying to play it down in front of us. He angrily replied, "NO I'M NOT!"

We met a woman whose father is named Dr. Tran - AND her name was Judy, which is Tran's mother's name. Who no one really knows about yet. I could have just made that up right now.

We met a lot of fans from the mailing list and the MySpace, whose faces all seemed vaguely familiar.

We found out that the screening room projectionist at DREAMWORKS played Dr. Tran before an in-house movie showing.

Fans who attended the original premiere of Dr. Tran in 2003 came up to greet us - even fans who have followed us since Beyond Grandpa. On the flip side, kids who had only ever seen bootleg Dr. Tran on the internet were amazed to discover there were actual humans beings behind it. Internet films come from Storks, right? ...Or from vaginas. I forget.

A few people told us that they were cruelly awoken in their hotel room that morning by a spouse whispering in their ear, "I'm gonna KILL YOU."

I had sunken into a shitty mood before the con, but it's hard to stay grumpy when all these people are being so nice to us. Thanks to every single person who came by to say hi, and I'm very grateful to Spike who let us sell our DVD at his booth for free. When we tallied the numbers afterwards, it turned out we almost made more money at his booth than he did (and we didn't even make that much, which pissed him off, understandably), so I gave him a Tran film for free. Looks like Quiet Log Time and probably Toy Cack will be touring with next year's show!

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