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Dec 07 and Comic-Con 07

Happy Holidays from Toddler Tran

Dec.21.2007 | 3:33 AM

Holiday Card

Trick 'r Treat: Sam 5" Figure

Dec.20.2007 | 3:14 PM

Click the image to preorder:

Sam Figure

San Diego Comic-Con 2007

Dec.18.2007 | 6:34 PM

Better late than never - The San Diego Comic-Con 2007 took place several months ago, and I feel obligated to log that shit before the end of the year. Folks who stick with it will be treated to some titillating, history-making nudity at the end of the post. No skipping ahead! Hey! Stop it!

Here are some medium quality Jpegs from the show:


Nerds flood the streets of San Diego. Lookit 'em skitter. Taken from the scope of a friend's sniper rifle.


Above, the usual marathon signing at Spike's modest corner booth. Pictured, Breehn and Jason meet The Cutest Pixie, a long time friend from Dr. Tran's myspace page.

This year we premiered an unfinished version of The Furious Little Cinnamon Bun, which will be a part of the coming Spike & Mike Festival. Summer Splash will, too.

Symbiote guys

Here we are with the fellas from Symbiote Studios. These guys were at the original premiere of Dr. Tran in 2003, and have wanted to do Dr. Tran vinyl toys ever since. It looks like it might happen in time for next year's con.

Also inexplicably pictured above, an adorable African-American child with a maggot doll in a pink bear suit.


Dr. Tranbacca is unable to defend his honor in discernible words. Pity him.

Breehn with SamSam Figure

This is the 15-inch vinyl figure based on Trick 'r Treat's adorable demon mascot, Sam, designed by me and Michael Dougherty. Sideshow Collectibles will release it whenever the movie finally comes out. Please complain to Warner Bros.


Dawn Swider got us into the con this year. We were going to register ourselves, but got distracted by a hazy dream world of entitlement and apathy. Thanks Dawn! We owe you a poster!

Tank Girl

The dramatics of Justine as Tank Girl. She seized control of Spike's booth at some point and the rest is a blur.

The many faces of Spike Decker.


DVDs were signed, and for the first time ever -


We totally signed some boobs. Wait - that picture isn't big enough -

Boobs detail

There you go. Before this, Jason and I had never signed tit one.

Note that, to lend legitimacy, I dated my signature "Burns '07" just in case an expert is someday consulted to appraise the boob's market value.

Deadly Ninja Assassin Tran

Dec.18.2007 | 3:00 AM

Art for the Dr. Tran vinyl figures by Symbiote Studios. These images do not include the inevitable accessories such as ¡Bean Cups! and Lying Chickens, but the proposed toys should have all that stuff.
Click the image:

Dr. Tran Toy turnaround

Cowboy Hat!

Dec.12.2007 | 3:00 PM

More turnaround art for the proposed Cowboy Hat! Dr. Tran Toy by Symbiote Studios.
Click the image for more info:

Dr. Tran Toy turnaround

Dr. Tran Toy turnaround

December.9.2007 | 10:24 PM

A first look at some turnaround art for what will hopefully become the Dr. Tran vinyl figures by Symbiote Studios.
Click the image for more info:

Dr. Tran Toy turnaround

And more caricatures of me by friends - the first is by Producer Rick Cortes, and the second is by my roommate Pen Ward.
Click them to enlarge.

Breehn by RickBreehn by Pen

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