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June to Dec. & Comic-Con 2008

Sam Toy now in stores

Dec.17.08 | 10:00 PM

Sam Toy in Stores

"Arriving in stores for the holidays is the 5" Sam figure from NECA. Sam is one of the newest additions to NECA's family of horror action figures, and comes from the Trick 'r Treat anthology. The one thing that all of the stories in the film have in common is Sam, a trick-or-treater with some basic rules for Halloween, and consequences for those who break them."

I took this photo in a small toy shop in the Downtown Burbank shopping mall. The Sam toy isn't for sale online yet, but you can pre-order here.

More Fan Stuff

Nov.16.08 | 6:00 AM

Click image to enlarge:

Furious Little Cinnamon Bun

Fan-made image of The Furious Little Cinnamon Bun as a real bun by Thecoyitcuddles.

Fan Art

Nov.11.08 | 2:21 AM

Click image to enlarge:

Dr. Tran by neunerx

Fan-made portrait (digital painting) of Dr. Tran as a real boy by Trevor Neuner - Possibly the most bitchin fan art I've ever seen.

Pretty soon, on Youtube

Nov.09.08 | 7:20 PM

100% ICE coming soon

Halloween 2008

Nov.01.08 | 6:34 PM

Breehn and Lara


Halloween 2008 - I'm being attacked by Lara's hungry Banshee babies.

Happy Ween

Oct.31.08 | 4:29 AM

Psycho House Pumpkin

Psych-o-lantern by Christy Beckert.

Lost Roybertito's DVD

Oct.28.08 | 1:19 AM

Roy Jacket Art

Once upon a time we released a standalone Roybertito's DVD. The reaction to Roy's 2005 premiere screening was so positive that we produced a small limited run and put them on ebay. Twelve days later, the DVDs were gone. Click the jacket art to enlarge.

Need a costume?

Oct.21.08 | 2:39 PM

Sam Masks

Trick 'r Treat isn't in theaters but you can totally dress as Sam for Halloween.

Also, Ain't It Cool News is hosting a special screening of the movie in Hollywood on Thursday. I think tickets are sold out already.

October Events

Sep.25.08 | 3:48 PM

Trick 'r Treat BOOK SIGNING:

Thurs, Oct 9th – 7 pm
Los Angeles

Director Mike Dougherty, concept artist Breehn Burns & storyboard artist Simeon Wilkins signing their Trick ‘r Treat coffee table book (HB $45). We will also have the
Sam Vinyl Figure ($59.99) & Mike's prints.

Dark Delicacies
4213 W. Burbank
Burbank, CA 91505 U.S.A.

Trick 'r Treat Movie Opens SCREAMFEST:

Black Carpet Premiere
Fri, Oct 10 - 7:30 pm

Order tickets here.

Grauman Mann's Chinese 6
6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028


Sep.19.08 | 2:37 AM

The Breehn Grave

The grave of Otto and Edith Breehn (no relation to me). Though born in the 1800's and long dead, their headstone is still around to creep me out. "PRECIOUS MEMORIES LINGER."

San Diego COMIC-CON 2008

Sep.14.08 | 5:45 PM

The project I'm co-writing for Imagemovers Digital just made it to finished 1st Draft status, and got turned in on Friday! I poked my head out of the subterranean shelter I dug in Burbank and realized I am despicably late again on the San Diego Con Report. So put away your bitch-ass kids, cuz it's-

Comic-Con 2008

Let's travel back in time several weeks to whatever month Comic-Con was in:

Work keeps me from doing the full Con this year, but I drive down to San Diego for our screening Friday night and signing Saturday. Saturday night is this big gathering of artists in the bar/lobby of a nearby hotel, where I draw the above for my very talented friend Kristen who does not love, nor hate – but is indifferent to – Superman.

We premiere a new Dr. Tran film, 100% ICE. It is our longest film so far, but only by a few seconds. The always loving San Diego audience gives it a warm reception.

100% ICE will probably be on Youtube sometime around New Year's.

Breehn Juni and Jason

Left to right: Dr. Tran co-creator Breehn Burns, voice talent Juni Bucher and Dr. Tran co-creator Jason Johnson. If you're interested in hearing Jason's music from our Furious Cinnamon Bun film, click his name above to go to his Myspace Music page.

Juni Bucher signing

This is Juni's (voice of Leland the Cough Drop) first signing with us.

Jason and Dr. Tran Bobble

That's the gilded Jason and the precious Bobble prototype. Shortly after the con, the Blue-shirted Bobble Trans sold out online, but as of right now, there are still white-shirted Maccodity Bobbles for sale.

Christy and Rick

Lone Sausage's Christy Beckert and Rick Cortes. Good friends can cuddle like this and it doesn't get weird.

Cassie the booth girl

Spike's cute "Booth Girl," Cassie. Once upon a time, we were going to need "Dr. Tran girls" for a G4TV thing we were doing, and Cassie was all lined up to help out. But the thing never worked out. So Cassie's mad.

Cassie's ass

Cassie's Butt. Spike makes her wear this, which provides hours of entertainment and opportunities to fight off intense primitive urges during the day-long signing.

Baby Tran

This guy tried to sell me a Baby Dr. Tran but I didn't have that kind of cash.

Seth Green

Seth Green signs Spike's big Tarp o' Signatures. I'm never sure how Spike gets celebrities to show up and sign it, but look! Seth Green!

Spike and Triumph

ABOVE - Triumph the Insult Comic Dog reports from Comic-Con for Late Night with Conan O'Brien. He interviews Spike (Spike & Mike's Festival of Animation) during our DVD signing at Spike's booth.

Click Here to watch the Conan clip, or Here to watch behind-the-scenes footage.

Matt Groening

Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, also signs the big tarp. This was the highlight of the con for me.

When Matt stops by, a crowd forms around the booth and he gets blocked in next to me. He seems to be in a hurry to leave, so while he's momentarily trapped I introduce myself, tell him we are huge fans of his and offer him a free DVD. He says, "Sure, I'll take a Dr. Tran."

I have to let it sink in for a second, but I think he already knows what Dr. Tran is. Now I can't be sure, but after deliberating I have decided to believe that Matt Groening knew about Dr. Tran (making that the highlight of the con for me).

SD Comic-Con 2008

The End.

PS - If you have a few spare minutes, why not watch an impromptu booth interview with Jason?

Beyond Grandpa

Sep.08.08 | 4:14 PM

Follow the link to Youtube for Lone Sausage's first-ever cartoon circa 1998-

Watch Beyond Grandpa

Concept Gallery

Sep.07.08 | 7:17 PM

Now that the Art-Of Book is in stores, I posted a gallery of my Trick 'r Treat Concept Illustrations to

Trick 'r Treat Gallery

Anime Vegas

Sep.05.08 | 5:42 AM

Anybody go to the Anime Vegas Convention? Jason (voice and co-creator of Dr. Tran) did, along with Joseph (the guy next to Jason) to promote the Dr. Tran Bobble Head. Click the photo to mull the adventure blog:

Anime Vegas Report


Sep.02.08 | 12:05 AM

Free Dr. Tran Podcast:


Dr. Tran Bobble Head Review:

Bobble Review

In book stores!

Aug.31.08 | 4:53 AM

Trick 'r Treat

Classic Wallpaper

Aug.19.08 | 9:54 PM

Free Dr. Tran's Peanut Butter Square Hula Quest
1600 x 1200 Wallpaper:

Free Wallpaper

Buy the things

Aug.16.08 | 3:00 AM

Never mind that the movie ain't out yet - because the Sam 15-inch Vinyl Figure (with totally removable mask and adorable monster inside (designed by me and the film's director)) is on sale HERE.

The Making-Of book features a ton of my unpublished Concept Designs and paintings for the film (get wallpapers of a few of them HERE). That's my concept for the masked version of Sam on the cover.

The book starts shipping September 2nd, and if you order on AMAZON NOW, it's greatly discounted.

Sam Vinyl FigureTrick 'r Treat Book

How Kids See Dr. Tran

Aug.12.08 | 2:15 AM

A random child that appears to live in the same neighborhood as Calvin & Hobbes employed his little sister to re-create some cartoons they saw on Youtube. And then uploaded it to Youtube.

Mr. Tran & The Toy Cack:


Here Comes Dr. Tran

Dr. Tran's Quiet Log Time

Watch that Bun

Aug.05.08 | 5:50 PM

Both CENSORED and UNCENSORED versions of The Bun are online.

Follow the link to Youtube for the Censored version. If you're looking for the Uncensored version, the link is on the Youtube page, included in the INFO for the film.

Watch Furious Bun

NEW DR. TRAN at Comic-Con (updated)

July.03.08 | 4:30 PM

If the persistent mouse-clicking in this room is any indicator, there will be a new Dr. Tran film premiering at the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con on July 25.

Spike & Mike Free Screening:
Friday July 25th
10:30 pm
Room 6CDEF

Jason and I will be hanging around
Spike's Booth
after 1pm

and we're hoping to be joined by Juni Bucher, the voice of Leland the cough drop headed being with ambiguous genitalia.

We will not have Bobble Heads to sell, but you can still order them from the toy guys.

100% ICE is almost finished

Factory floor

June.21.08 | 1:11 PM


Factory 2

Dr. Tran vs. Tony & Lando

June.17.08 | 2:13 AM

Bobble pics

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