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WinterLand Dr. Tran Fan Art

Dec.30.09 | 2:00 PM

Dr. Tran Fan Art

Photo sent in by Jacqueline C.

TranMail #7 Production (pt.2)

Dec.19.09 | 8:00 PM

Dr. Tran Production Art

Over half of the animation is done for next Dr. Tran Mail. We've run into a minor scheduling problem called Christmas. If we release the short too close to the birth of our lord, he might get pissy and fuck with our view count. Same goes for the Baby New Year who's notorious for pulling that kind of crap.

This means that, though the cartoon should be finished Monday or Tuesday, it probably won't be released until some time around January, like maybe the 2nd or 3rd or something.

Toy Cack Script Excerpt

Dec.14.09 | 1:42 AM

Toy Cack Wallpaper

Click here for a free Mr. Tran & The Toy Cack Wallpaper, and below, at the Twitter request of @MrPacMan36, is Leland's Grandma's response to Tran when he asks her, "Where will you be taking us?"

Oh, you know...
Here and there
Out and around
Round and about
hither and thither
back and forth
to and fro
up and down
in and out
over and under
hippity hoppity
round the corner
over the river and through the woods
lickety split
Clockin the Jizz
grindin the axe
up to no good
nippin the bud
good and plenty
loligaggin around
makin the rounds
paintin the town red
packin a load
huggin a tree
skinnin the dog
skip to my loo
sowing my oats
passin a stone
shootin the breeze
jumpin the fence
humpin the horse
dancin a jig
spinnin a yarn
sippin the cider
flexin the pecks
broomin my doo
packin the peat
lickin the chicken
pinchin the pennies
dosey do

The full cartoon is online here.

TranMail #7 Production (pt.1)

Dec.09.09 | 11:30 PM

Dr. Tran Production Art

Click to enlarge work in progress for the next Dr. Tran Mail, "Nail to the Gut." Animator Mark put together the Tux Tran, and I've been working on the moody, non-denominational holiday background. I almost put snow outside, but decided it would be distracting. This short also has a camera pan where we see more of Tran's hut, off to the right of the table, so I'll be extending the set a little.

Roybertito's Fan Art

December.01.09 | 3:30 PM

Fan Art Roybertito's

Click to enlarge fan art by Nick.

New from Roybertito's and the illustrious Dr. Samuel Celine Dion Tran-Dickable, the Roybertito's Television Dinner Tray is an excellent example of fine Mexican cuisine.

Each Dinner comes with a complimentary ¡BEAN CUP! which goes perfectly with a wonderful can of Grape Festival.

Disclaimer: This product is in no way endorsed by Hotel Soap, Inc. The use of the Grape Festival label is just cheap product placement.

Thanksgiving Fan Art

Nov.18.09 | 5:00 PM

Dr. Tran Fan Art

Click to enlarge fan art by Zack.

Hi Breehn (can I call you Breehn?)

I'm a college kid, and in my dorm they set up paper and markers to do hand turkeys. I was struck by inspiration and thought you might enjoy this.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Zack L.

Stimulating "Fan Art"

Nov.15.09 | 9:00 PM

Fan Image

Distracting fan-made image from holycrapthatsfunny.com.

Dr. Tran MAIL #6- Keith Cares

Nov.12.09 | 5:00 PM

WATCH Dr. Tran MAIL #6

New Dr. Tran MAIL on Youtube. Send mail to TranLetters@gmail.com!

TranMail #6 Production (pt.3)

November.03.09 | 1:00 AM

Dr. Tran Production Art

Click to enlarge the (probably final) Field of Poppies background for the next Dr. Tran Mail, "Keith Cares." I first tried a more impressionistic approach to the flowers, but it looked messy without a lot of individual, detailed flowers. I opted to make a couple flowers (one for the light areas and one for the dark) and duplicate them all over the field. As they get further back, they just become little splotches.

I also tried a few big shadow patterns for the field, but I think this one is just odd enough to be cool. For reference I Google image searched poppies, and also looked at The Art Of My Neighbor Totoro for inspiration.

TranMail #6 Production (pt.2)

Oct.30.09 | 8:25 PM

Dr. Tran Production Art

The Car and The Grocery Store, stage II (click images to enlarge). Scroll down below the pumpkins to see Mark's initial layouts for these. I have yet to touch the Poppies.

After giving some thought to the station wagon, I realize that Norma's red car, already introduced in Toy Cack, is probably closer in character to a 1960 Ford Falcon station wagon. Then I have to rationalize why Tran is sitting in the cargo space behind the seats (it's part of a joke), and thus, Fat Friend and Leland now make cameos. You can see from the scribbling atop the page that the kids are too brightly colored when dropped into the car, so they get darkened a little to fit in.

Dr. Tran Production Art

I can't decide if the Grocery Store is finished. I like it, but there's something off somewhere -- maybe in the vegetable colors. You can see from the layout below that I've cropped the hell out of this shot to save myself work, but we may tighten up even more when the final shot is framed in After Effects.

Tran-O-Lanterns 2009

Oct.29.09 | 5:10 PM

Tran-O-Lanterns '09

Dr. Tran Pumpkins by Jay Gardiner and Bre Diaz! Click them!

TranMail #6 Production (pt.1)

Oct.28.09 | 10:17 PM

Dr. Tran Production Art

Animator Mark sometimes does rough passes of backgrounds, and then hands them off to me as he starts animation. I'll take these three layouts, adjust whatever's neccesary and paint full color versions in Photoshop CS1. I'll often look to old Dr. Tran films and sample the colors of their backgrounds, which maintains a limited color palette (and a "look") for the series. But it's not a rule.

Dr. Tran Production Art

The next Tran Mail, "Keith Cares," features a small moment with Dr. Tran in Grocery Cack. This layout is more ambitious than I might have time to complete this week. A tighter close-up of Tran will eliminate a lot of work rendering background details.

Whenever I have someone else lay out backgrounds for me, they always face everything (the characters, the car) in the opposite direction of the way I imagined it. But I'm dyslexic, so I usually end up trusting them on it.

Dr. Tran Production Art

And this field of poppies involves a crapload of flowers, which I'm guessing I'll do a few of and then start duplicating them like mad. If I can figure out how, I'd like to have a light effect play across the field, like a big hill shadow cutting diagonally across the flowers. (Click to enlarge any of these.)

Dr. Tran MAIL #5- Time Machine

October.23.09 | 2:00 PM

WATCH Dr. Tran MAIL #5

Double-Sized Halloween Dr. Tran MAIL is on Youtube. Send mail to TranLetters@gmail.com!

Coming Next Week

Oct.16.09 | 7:02 PM

Dr. Tran Mail 05

The new FanMail is running a little late. Here's a still from the Halloween episode "Time Machine," premiering next week.

1944 Dr. Tran in color

Oct.7.09 | 6:45 PM

1944 Dr. Tran

Mark and I collaborated for the finished 1944 Dr. Tran. Coming next week: Dr. Tran Fan Mail #5.

Dr. Tran (circa 2085)

Oct.5.09 | 9:00 PM

Future Dr. Tran

Dr. Tran in the future year 2085, which I just now finished for the next Tran Mail episode, "Time Machine." The future is looking bright!

Dr. Tran MAIL #4- Hotel Soap

October.1.09 | 10:00 PM

WATCH Dr. Tran MAIL #4

The fourth Dr. Tran MAIL is on Youtube. Send fan mail to TranLetters@gmail.com!

Dr. Tran (circa 1944)

Sept.30.09 | 6:22 PM

Production Sketch

Our animator, Mark Salisbury, drew this production sketch of Dr. Tran in the 1940s for an upcoming Dr. Tran Fan Mail episode entitled "Time Machine."

New Fan Mail Ep.4 "HOTEL SOAP" premiering on Friday!

Dr. Tran MAIL #3- The Specials

Sept.21.09 | 10:13 PM

WATCH Dr. Tran MAIL #3

The third Dr. Tran MAIL is on Youtube. Keep sending your fan mail to TranLetters@gmail.com!

How to annoy animators

Sept.18.09 | 4:05 PM

Dr. Tran Mail Notes

Simply give them notes by drawing all over their work, like I do. Be sure to use
RED for your text to symbolically dole out harshness. Click image to enlarge.

Dr. Tran MAIL #2- AIDS

Sept.09.09 | 12:11 AM

WATCH Dr. Tran MAIL #2

The second Dr. Tran MAIL is on Youtube. Keep sending your fan mail to TranLetters@gmail.com!

2009 San Diego COMIC-CON

Sept.07.09 | 2:14

TrT Screening line

A little late as usual, but here be 2009 Con photos. Above, witness the orderly but impatient line of loveless freakjobs waiting to get into the Thursday Trick 'r Treat Screening.

Trick 'r Treat Screening

Director Mike Dougherty and one of the stars of Trick 'r Treat, Brian Cox, doing a Q&A before the movie. I didn't participate in the Q&A and instead sat in my fold-out chair, fameless and pathetic.

TrT Dominating Con

The view above our Friday Trick 'r Treat comic signing reveals TrT dominating the convention hall. The hot, glowing sign was visible from orbit, says NASA.

TrT Bags

If you didn't have an oversized Trick 'r Treat TOTE, you were ignored by all the tan kids with trucker caps.

Mike and Breehn Signing

Mike and Breehn (me) signing TrT comics, bags, books, dolls, wooden forks, salad bowls and toys.

Jason, Spike & Breehn

Spike screams over our heads with the power of his awful microphone during the Saturday Dr. Tran DVD signing. That's Jason Johnson seated left, and Breehn Burns (me again) seated right. There are also a lot of girls. And Pee Wee.

Rabid Fan

The rabid fan would not release her grip on the furry table. Security was an embarrassment.

Dr. Tran Toy Signing

Also Saturday: for the first time we signed Dr. Tran TOYS at the con this year. They sold fast. Get them online here.

Jason, Juni & Breehn

Booth girl Justine standing up, and Juni Bucher (voice of Leland the Cough Drop) seated between the dorks. We premiered FRUIT HAT this year, and congratulated ourselves with a good, humiliating photo session.

The new guy

Sept.04.09 | 7:00 AM

WonderMouth in Production

Meet Jack, our new board artist, seen here making some questionable creative decisions about the color of Dr. Tran's eye and leg.

New Dr. Tran Fan Mail episode coming next week!

Dr. Tran MAIL #1- Murder List

Aug.29.09 | 3:38 PM

WATCH Dr. Tran MAIL #1

The very first Dr. Tran MAIL is on Youtube. Send Emails to TranLetters@gmail.com!

Dr. Tran MAIL - send letters!

Aug.18.09 | 2:30 AM


The Introduction to Dr. Tran MAIL is on Youtube. Send Dr. Tran your questions at TranLetters@gmail.com!

Hotel Soap spoke

Aug.14.09 | 10:06 PM

Jason is here in L.A., and we met with Juni today to record voices for a few new ideas we have. We spent a while working on Hotel Soap's voice. All he's ever screamed was "Everything's fucking wonderful!" He actually forms a few sentences at normal volume now.
Oh, hey, I'm using that spooky Twitter shit.


Fruit Hat for that ass

July.27.09 | 5:00 PM

WATCH Fruit Hat

Our newest film is on Youtube after premiering last Friday at Comic-Con. Now, go spread the word of the FRUIT HAT.


July.18.09 | 4:45 PM

Comic-Con 2009

We will be stomping around in ladies' pumps at the San Diego Comic-Con this year. Here's what weez got going on:

- A horror film I worked on called Trick 'r Treat will screen at 9:30pm on Thursday night.
Ballroom 20
- I'll be signing at the DC COMICS booth from Noon to 1pm for the Trick 'r Treat comic book.
Booth # 1915

- Dr. Tran: Fruit Hat - our new animated film - is premiering @ 10pm at the Spike & Mike Comic-Con show.
Room 6BCF
- Jason Johnson (Dr. Tran), Juni Bucher (Leland) and I will be signing Dr. Tran DVDs at the Spike & Mike booth @Noon.
Booth # 1536

- Jason and I will be signing the new Dr. Tran Toys at the Symbiote Studios booth @3pm.
Booth # 4533

Side note!

July.17.09 | 5:00 PM

I helped "fix" a Bioshock 2 poster for mega-genius Jhonen Vasquez, creator of Invader Zim and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.

The final days of Fruit Hat

July.17.09 | 3:00 PM

Fruit Hat desk

This is our new animator's work hole as of a few days ago, during the twilight hours of our long production on Fruit Hat. And those appear to be his fake eyebrow disguise kits on the wall, for when he tries to escape the hole (he will not escape the hole).

My old friend, Mark Salisbury was abducted about a month ago to finish a film that has been slowly getting made - for about 2 years - by myself and almost a dozen animators.

I know, that's a long time and a lot of animators. The film has some pretty damn swanky shots in it for a Dr. Tran film, but it ain't The Lion King (I hate it when people stop me in the streets and call it The Lion King). It's just a hair more cinematic than our others.

We are three-and-a-half shots from finished (we saved the hard ones for last). Sound guy Matt helped me finalize audio last night, and averted disaster. Producer Rick animated a shot for the first time. FX gal Christy did some hand-held style motion for the opening sequence. And girlfriend Michelle brought me a beanbag to record Tran's cute lil' footstep sounds.

John, Aaron, Daniel, Andrew, Jon Paul, Scott, Keith, the interns...

I could go on, but to say the least, the production has been a big collaboration of a lot of talented, generous people - many of whom worked for free, upside down in a well.

Come see it at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con next Friday night!


July.06.09 | 9:31 PM

Brand crackin' new: these three Dr. Tran Symbiote Figures start shipping in 6 days, but you can Order yours NOW - click here.

Dr. Tran Toys for sale


July.01.09 | 1:58 AM

Dr. Tran Bobbleheads: A proud owner's tale

A better look at the new toy

June.22.09 | 11:39 PM

July 2009-

New Dr. Tran Toy

Dr. Tran is now vinyl

June.15.09 | 2:14 PM

Also coming in July! (click pic for details)

Fruit Hat this July

May.31.09 | 10:33 AM

Dr. Tran: Fruit Hat. We plan to premiere the new film at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, July 24, at the free Spike & Mike night show.

New Dr. Tran Still

Last Sunday I locked the Tranimatic at a runtime of 6:35. Today our animation director, Daniel "The Male" Stone, is coming by to complete his shots. This film also has two of the cutest, most fully animated Tran shots ever by Jon Paul Brower. About half of the animation is complete, and the rest may or may not be finished up by a new animation house we're potentially sucking into our vortex.

Dr. Tran Cosplay

May.30.09 | 2:17 PM

Dr. Tran Cosplay

Fan Photo

May.26.09 | 9:40 AM

Toy Cack Fan Photo

Woke up this morning (I'm miraculously waking up before noon now) to find this photo and message in my inbox -


My friend Jade and I are huge fans of Dr. Tran, so while we were out driving on a day for vapor trails, we decided to go for some ice cream and a quick trip to the toystore. No crippled orphans were harmed in the creation of this masterpice, but nonetheless, we humbly submit to you our homage to our favorite Dr. Tran episode.

Keep up the great work, look forward to seeing Fruit Hat!


P.S. - The Toy Cack in question is an old-school Toys R Us in Grand Rapids, MI - in case you were curious.

First Look

April.28.09 | 1:13 PM

Dr. Tran Toy Box Art

A preview of the designer vinyl Symbiotes box art for Dr. Tran. This is the first of three Dr. Tran vinyl figures being released in July.


April.16.09 | 3:49 PM

Want to see Dr. Tran as performed by the tip of some dude's actual penis? On Youtube?

I'm not so sure you do. Click at your own risk. (Link has been mercifully removed)

New Interview

April.15.09 | 10:06 PM

I did a short interview today over at Viral Vengeance.

Fruit Hat Still

March.25.09 | 8:16 PM

New Dr. Tran Still

It's a new shot from the Dr. Tran short, Fruit Hat. This is another homage to Jacob's Ladder.

Fan Art

March.17.09 | 6:00 PM

Fan Art by killmenV2

Furious Little Cinnamon Bun fan art by killmenV2.

Fan Art

March.15.09 | 1:33 PM

Leland Stamp

Dr. Tran Stamp

Little Dr. Tran stamps by Matsuto. I do love my vapor trails.

Another Still

March.14.09 | 12:15 AM

New Dr. Tran Still

Witness a new background from the Dr. Tran short currently in production, Fruit Hat. This shot is a reference to an early scene in Jacob's Ladder, a film that partially inspired the new cartoon.

New Still

March.02.09 | 10:32 PM

New Dr. Tran Still

A work in progress still of All-American Dr. Tran in "Fruit Hat."

Military Dickings

Feb.27.09 | 3:23 AM

While relaxing in their barracks at Ft. Leonardwood, Missouri, the U.S. Army's Combat Engineers pause to discuss the topic of Dr. Tran's Hot Dickings:

Stuffed Hotel Soap

Feb.15.09 | 4:25 PM

Hotel Soap

Little stuffed Hotel Soap by Christy Beckert (as seen in 100% ICE Part 1).

100% ICE pt.3

Feb.12.09 | 5:45 PM

For PART 3 of Lone Sausage's new cartoon, click here.

Watch 100% ICE part 3

Making Roy

Feb.10.09 | 4:28 AM

Short Clip from The Making of Roybertito's.

Goodmonson Walk Test

Feb.05.09 | 6:45 PM

Goodmonson walk test animated by my good buddy Jon Paul Brower, master of the four-legged walk cycle. Compared to the previous entry (Jan. 21, below), you can see the dog's muzzle starting to take a more subdued shape.

100% ICE pt.2

Feb.05.09 | 6:45 PM

For PART 2 of Lone Sausage's new cartoon, click here.

Watch 100% ICE part 2

How Kids See The Furious Bun

Feb.03.09 | 4:50 PM

The Furious Little Cinnamon Bun as performed by some lil' screwballs.

100% ICE pt.1

Jan.27.09 | 1:56 PM

Follow the link to Youtube for PART 1 of Lone Sausage's new cartoon.

Watch 100% ICE

Character Design

Jan.21.2009 | 6:01 AM


This is my first pass on the cartoonized version of Goodmonson, the Dickables mascot, who previously appeared in Dickable Afternoons.

Fan Creations

Jan.16.2009 | 6:17 AM

Fan-made plushie of a Little Shave Ice Baby by Plain Yellow Fox.

Rotten Tomatoes

Jan.07.2009 | 5:41 PM

Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes Critics Pick the Best of 08... including Trick ’r Treat

With 2008 coming to a close, Rotten Tomatoes polled a selection of Tomatometer critics to find out which of the hundreds of films they were paid to watch this year they loved the most -- and which films were the absolute worst. Read on to see if your favorites matched up with the critics, see who loved The Dark Knight and who hated Speed Racer, and find out which film of 2008 earned Roger Ebert's honor as the worst film of the year.

A vivid intersection of tradition, the supernatural, smart storytelling and amusing twists, Trick 'r Treat isn't just a love letter to those who love Halloween and horror, it's a full-blown carnival of devilish delights. Ringleader Michael Dougherty, here making one of the most impressive directorial debuts of his generation, rolls out the pumpkins, zombies, werewolves, vampires and even a deadly lollipop-wielding masked imp. He puts a fresh spin on this cavalcade of ghouls and reinvigorates the dying form of horror anthology storytelling.

-- Ryan Rotten, ShockTilYouDrop.com
(Read Ryan's full Best and Worst Horror Films of 2008 List here)

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